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I love love!

Oh my love, give me a chance!
Please don’t put me in a trance.

I really feel like you’re my soul mate.
And only you alone can change my fate!

Don’t you feel the way I feel?
Or can’t you understand my zeal?

I don’t know what to do to make you love.
Oh wait, what if I send you a dove?

Outside your heart’s locked doors, I’m waiting.
Deep down, you know that I’m not kidding.

Perhaps one day you’ll figure out,
that I’m your true love with no doubt.

What concerned him the most…..

"The SIM card and the battery will soon be returned. But it’s only at the time when we give the performance card, will the ‘instrument’ be returned. Now go and write an apology letter", said the HOD in a quiet and normal voice.
"Okay sir", was the only reply from the boy, before he left his department.
On his way to his hostel, he recalled how he lost his mobile phone. It rang just before the professor was leaving the class. It’s only then did he realize that his phone was not on silent mode. In a matter of moments, it was handed over to the HOD.
But the absence of his mobile phone didn’t bother him.
Also he had to catch his train in time. The coach no., his seat no. and most importantly his ticket were all in his phone. Now he had to eat, get a printout of his ticket, get ready as fast as possible to catch his train.
Yet, that didn’t bother him either.
As he stepped away from the main gate of his college, it occurred to him that he had failed in four subjects of his first assessment. “Bullshit, I just added another feather to the cap!”, he thought.
This, though seemed pretty messy, didn’t really bother him at that time.
Neither having lost his mobile phone, nor the fear of not having his train ticket, nor having failed in his assessment, didn’t really concern him. What concerned him the most must be of real importance to him.
"I never really needed my phone anyway except for music. I have my books", he thought. Also he planned that he should study and pass in his next assessments.
As he was a student studying in a great institute, the TTR wouldn’t ask him the ticket after seeing his ID, he convinced himself.
But he didn’t know how to convince himself of that which concerned him the most.
His heart kept telling himself that he should do something about it. He had already tried several times but failed every time. Yet he had been waiting as he was told that he should not force her.
His mind went into deep contemplation about what had happened in the last one year.
"At least I’m going home", he muttered to himself not knowing whether to rejoice or to worry, as he reached his train in time.

If it’s not passion, then what?

           I’ve always wondered what I will become in my future, what I will do for a living. It’s what everybody does right?  During my childhood, many people asked me (including my parents), “What do you want to become?" I told them with enthusiasm, "I want to become a pilot. I’ll jump from my house and catch a crow’s leg and it’ll carry me up to the sky and I’ll jump inside an airplane and then I’ll fly it." I was quite a dreamer. Ain’t I?

            After a few years, my passion, say the field of my interest changed. I wanted to become an animator. One could say that my passion came from watching a lot of cartoons and playing a lot of video games. But anyway, that was also my passion.

            Then years rolled away, I finished my 12th grade, the results came. By the way, I was good at studies too. But to add a cherry to the top, I became one of the toppers of my school! I really was good at studies. My neighbors, my parents, my teachers, almost everybody told me to apply counseling for B.E. In India, if you wish to study or pursue anything other than B.E. or M.B.B.S., they’ll consider you a stupid. They will decide that you are a failure.

           As I was naive, I didn’t know what else I could do. So I did apply for counselling and I got admission in one of the topmost colleges of my state. Well, this is what that has been happening in every youngster’s case. Speaking of me, I took aerospace engineering, the only field which I found interesting. This field almost matches my first passion. Though I will not become a pilot, I will at least design flights. So I convinced my mind that it’s okay to become an engineer.

          As soon as I joined engineering, I began to realize that this is not what I have hoped for. I started losing interest in engineering and even in the studies itself. I started to fear my future. I didn’t know what to do. I was so afraid, that I may fail in my career. Then after reading lots of blogs, people’s experiences, watching self-motivational videos, ted talks, I got myself together. All along the way, I came to know one thing. It’s all about passion. You will not succeed in your life, unless you work with passion. You should live your life, the way you want. “Do what you love”, as Steve Jobs said.




And the motivational quotes go on…..

         So what I learned in my journey of life is, "Do what pleases you, no matter how hard your life is. Then you will find your destiny. Find out your passion and pursue it. It’s all that matters.”

 Right now, I’m on the way to find my passion. I ask  myself every morning, the question that Jobs used to ask himself everyday, “If today is the last day of your life, would you do what you are about to do?” And I’m ready to shape my career.

What is the bravest thing you have ever done or said?

Answer by Aditya Jain:

Though it may not be as brave as the other incidents which I read in answers to this question but for me it was.

After completing my post graduation and certifying it with a job ( for my relatives) my mother asked me to donate some part of my 1st salary in some temple nearby where I was staying (Indian Tradition).

Well for me there is only one God.
Its definition according to me is some supreme power responsible for sustaining everything on this beautiful planet and that power is everywhere around you. Hence, I never believed in visiting temples and for that matter spending a single penny on them (with no disrespect to anyone’s religious sentiments).

I thought of many things but this was the only feasible option that came to my mind.
I gathered all the poor kids (around 14-15) around a famous mall in Hasratganj, Lucknow, India. And took them to McDonalds.

The entire happenings of that day:

The Mall

As, we were entering the mall the security guards tried to stop us.

Guard 1 ( in the loudest volume): Hey! You ill mannered boy (to one of the poor kids), where do you think you are going??!!

Me: How dare you say like that, they are with me !!

Guard 1 now looking at Guard 2 (senior) with some request for help in his eyes.

Guard 2 : Sir, these type of people are not allowed in the mall.

 Me: And why is that?

G2 ( with no sure answer ): Sir, we are ordered by the higher authority not to let them in.

Me : It’s ok, they are my responsibility. I will make sure that they don’t disturb the environment of the mall.

G2 (Defeated) : Ok sir as you say but if anything happens you would have to pay for it.

Me: Ok!!


As we all entered the McDonalds of that mall, the 1st Reaction of everybody in there was like

As if it was some crime those kids have committed by entering that place.

I made all the kids to settle down and went to the counter to place the order.
While I was zeroing upon the options I took out my Wallet and offered them my debit card.

McDonalds Person 1: Sir, we don’t accept card payment.

Me: ok.

Hunt for an ATM

Now I had to search for an ATM outside the mall and for that I have to leave these kids alone in McD.
I asked the kids to not to misbehave and told them I was coming back in 5 mins.

I went outside the mall. Found one ATM which was non functional.
Asked people around. Found one more ATM after a search of 5 mins. Took the cash and ran back to the mall.

In total it took approximately 15 mins for me to return to the mall from when I left it.

McDonalds Returns

As, I was entering the mall I saw that these employees of McDonalds have pushed these kids outside their outlet.

I ran towards the their front gate and in a loud voice said “These kids are with me !!!!!!”

McDonalds Person 2: Sir, they are not allowed in here.

Me: Show me where it is written in your company’s policy.

McDonalds Person 3: Sir, we cannot do that.

Me: Sorry, Then we cannot leave.

McDonalds Person 2 and 3 after looking at each other decided to let us all sit.

Fun time:

I ordered happy meals for all of us. Had some great time. Spent 2-3 hours laughing and talking to each other.
Kids spilled 3-4 Pepsi filled glasses which to my surprise were refilled for free by the McDonalds staff.

All in all we all enjoyed and finally we left the mall with some great memories.

There were many reasons for me to do this:
  • I never wanted to waste my hard earned money in temple donation.
  • I thought by this way I would be able to make these kids feel accepted.
  • I wanted to break this social convention of rich and poor within me and others around me.
  • I always thought of doing it in my college days.
  • I wanted my 1st salary celebration to be very very special.

Now, all these kids know me very well and whenever I pass by from that area we all spend time together playing, sharing jokes, playing pranks on one another. They call me by various names “Bhaiya (Hindi for big brother)”, “Uncle”, “cha-cha (Hindi for Uncle)”, which makes me feel much more accepted in their life than they been in mine.

If you have read it all, thanks for bearing with me.
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"The next Monday, when the fathers were all back at work, we kids were playing in a field. One kid says to me, “See that bird? What kind of bird is that?” I said, “I haven’t the slightest idea what kind of a bird it is.” He says, “It’s a brown-throated thrush. Your father doesn’t teach you anything!” But it was the opposite. He had already taught me: “See that bird?” he says. “It’s a Spencer’s warbler.” (I knew he didn’t know the real name.) “Well, in Italian, it’s a Chutto Lapittida. In Portuguese, it’s a Bom da Peida. In Chinese, it’s a Chung-long-tah, and in Japanese, it’s a Katano Tekeda. You can know the name of that bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird. You’ll only know about humans in different places, and what they call the bird. So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing—that’s what counts.” (I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.)

My father taught me to notice things. One day, I was playing with an “express wagon,” a little wagon with a railing around it. It had a ball in it, and when I pulled the wagon, I noticed something about the way the ball moved. I went to my father and said, “Say, Pop, I noticed something. When I pull the wagon, the ball rolls to the back of the wagon. And when I’m pulling it along and I suddenly stop, the ball rolls to the front of the wagon. Why is that?” “That, nobody knows,” he said. “The general principle is that things which are moving tend to keep on moving, and things which are standing still tend to stand still, unless you push them hard. This tendency is called ‘inertia,’ but nobody knows why it’s true.” Now, that’s a deep understanding. He didn’t just give me the name. He went on to say, “If you look from the side, you’ll see that it’s the back of the wagon that you’re pulling against the ball, and the ball stands still. As a matter of fact, from the friction it starts to move forward a little bit in relation to the ground. It doesn’t move back.” I ran back to the little wagon and set the ball up again and pulled the wagon. Looking sideways, I saw that indeed he was right. Relative to the sidewalk, it moved forward a little bit. That’s the way I was educated by my father, with those kinds of examples and discussions: no pressure—just lovely, interesting discussions.”

Richard Feynman on “Knowing (the name of) Something.” Video: "Think Like A Martian" via Reid Gower's 'The Feynman Series'.

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What if you realized how powerful you are?